It’s WildKAT Challenge Week!

WildKAT Challenge week is upon us!  The PTO is excited and ready for our annual day of fun and quizzing this Thursday, February 21.  We hope the kids have had fun getting ready.  If you have not turned in pledge sheets yet, please do so ASAP.

We have to say thanks to everyone who has volunteered so far.  It looks like we will have enough volunteers for the day and we can’t wait to see everyone on Thursday.  If you’re still interested in helping out, we can always use extra help as it’s a busy day.  Please contact us at

Next, we are excited about the prizes we have for our students this year.  Huge thanks to Jim’s Music for donating a guitar as well as several free lessons!  We also have a Nintendo Switch and many other toys and games.  More details on the prizes to come.  We’re going to give 1 ticket to every student for participating, then 1 ticket for every 10 questions they get right.  Any student who gets all of his/her questions right will also get a bonus ticket for a maximum of seven tickets per student.  After the challenge is over we will determine the number of tickets won by each student and distribute them.   The week of April 8-12 we will display the prizes at school and students can put their tickets in to buckets corresponding with the prize(s) they’d like to win.  The prize winners will be chosen and announced at the WildKAT Challenge Dance on Friday, April 12.

There will be more news this week, but this is it for tonight.  Keep studying so we can raise money to help our school.  Have a great week!

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